US Assure

US Assure provides insurance programs and services. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the privately held company manages, distributes and services programs for leading carriers in the construction and property insurance market with distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada. With four decades of expertise managing programs and providing service, US Assure is a trusted partner offering solutions needed to assure success.

10 questions to ask when securing vacant/rental insurance

Author MelindaStivers , 3/20/2017
Whether during remodeling or tenant transition, occupancy changes lead to increased risks for property owners and landlords. If your vacant and rental insurance market can’t ensure comprehensive coverage with ease, clients may look elsewhere for the coverage they need.

Tips to avoid job site dangers | Risk Mitigation Series

Author MelindaStivers , 2/27/2017
Countless exposures confront builders risk clients throughout the course of construction. An understanding of the risks can be critical to help them avoid insurance claims and project damages as a result of common, preventable exposures.

Think you know business income and extra expense coverage?

Author MelindaStivers , 12/27/2016

When unexpected delays occur during commercial construction, business operations can be prevented from opening on schedule, setting a chain reaction that ultimately impacts an owner’s ability to collect income or rents. Coverage to help clients reduce financial impact is available; however, you need a solid understanding of it in order to properly insure the risk.

Our guide, Builders Risk Endorsements Explained: Business Income and Extra Expense, will help you develop a deeper understanding of the coverage by addressing several key factors, including:

Choosing the Right Builders Risk Policy | Webinar

Author MelindaStivers , 10/31/2016
Webinar | Thursday, November 3 | 2:00 ET 
Your clients rely on you to navigate numerous policy options to provide the best coverage solution for their complex residential and commercial construction projects. But researching the ins and outs of every policy on the market can be a time-consuming task.

Insuring Construction Equipment: Five Things You Need to Know

Author MelindaStivers , 7/25/2016
Theft ranks as the primary cause of equipment loss. On average, a stolen item costs $17,400, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. With four decades of experience in the property and casualty industry, US Assure provides insurance programs and services with unmatched expertise.

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