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U. S. Risk Insurance Group, Inc. is a specialty lines underwriting manager and wholesale broker headquartered in Dallas, TX. Operating 16 domestic and international branches, it offers a broad range of products and services through its affiliate companies, which include U.S. Risk Underwriters, U.S. Risk Brokers, Oxford Insurance Brokers Ltd.(London), Advocate Reinsurance Partners, James Hampden International, Abraxas and Unisource Program Administrators.

Valet Parking Is Becoming More Popular

Author JulieByington , 12/4/2013
Valet parking has become very popular because it has made peoples life a little easier. Using a Valet service is a convenience many people take advantage of these days, it eliminates the need to wait to find a parking spot and walk to their destination and it is reassuring to know their car is in a secure parking lot. Yet valet parking may also have some disadvantages. For example, let’s say that a valet employee hits a car when trying to park it, or that one of the parking lot lights falls on top of a car.

Retail and Wholesale Workers Compensation Insurance

Author JulieByington , 11/20/2013
With the holidays approaching, it is time to start shopping. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Most people will sit out in line for hours and sometimes days to get the best deals of the year. It seems recently working retail on Black Friday can be very dangerous. 

Fore! (That Means Watch Out!)

Author JulieByington , 11/13/2013

Country clubs have some of the most frequent workers compensation claims. Injuries can happen in the country club restaurant from employees slipping and falling or back injuries from carrying heavy loads. Those with golf courses can see a much higher risk from golf balls, golf clubs and golf carts. Did you know in 2006 over 13 thousand people were treated for injuries related to golf carts?? Head injuries from golf balls can result in serious and possible fatal injuries to the skull. These are very important risks to consider when you are looking for a workers compensation policy for your clients.

U.S. Risk Insurance Group, Inc. provides your clients with savings and comprehensive coverage for country club that are private, semi-private, resorts, tennis and of course those can include golf courses. We offer a monoline workers compensation solution with a UPAY-As-You-Go payroll solution. Benefit from our A-rated carriers, loss control tools (with manuals, safety tips & check lists) and supreme claims handling with proven cost reduction results.

All you need to do is send us a completed ACORD application, the currently valued loss information (3-5 years) and a mod worksheet (large account supplemental required for risks more than $75,000 in annual premium). Contact us today and ensure your clients are well protected.

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Bed and Breakfast Workers Compensation– U.S. Risk

Author JulieByington , 11/6/2013
Bed and Breakfasts are normally a private home with 10 or less bed rooms that are available for commercial use. When staying at a Bed and Breakfast you are provided with a room along with breakfast. Normally that is the only meal that is provided. This is a good cost efficient alternative to staying at a hotel. 

Hail The Right Taxi Cab Insurance

Author JulieByington , 10/23/2013
Most of you have used a taxi cab at one point or another in your life. They are extremely useful in many circumstances, travel from airport to hotel, getting home safe after having a fun night out or transportation to events to save on parking. 

Touring Entertainers

Author JulieByington , 10/9/2013
Circuses have been a form of excitement and wonder for more than 2000 years. People of all ages gather when the circus comes to town.  Some come for the acrobats, others for the trained animals, and even a few for the clowns, whatever their preference they all have to work together to make the show memorable.