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Insurance Tips and Tricks

Insurance is confusing topic for an average american. Let's see if we can relate to this topic with a real life examples.

Was there’s enough damage to warrant an insurance claim after a storm

Jack Halcombe Jack Halcombe , 6/10/2018
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This is a valuable lesson I learned from my grandmother. After a mild hail storm, with hail not larger then .50 in - Marble size, my grandma asked me to check the roof on her house. I couldn't see any damage. Still she was concerned. From her experience even a small hail or even strong winds can do enough damage, that you can't easily see right away but roof tiles are damaged and slowly will start to deteriorate. 

So what you need to do, after the storm even if there is no leak, call a roofer and find out whether there’s any damage to warrant an insurance claim. Pressure a roofer and your homeowner’s insurance agency to get what's rightfully yours. In this instance, it took my grandma a number of phone calls and several days to get what she was paying for.