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non emergency medical transport insuranceNon emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies provide rides to people who need to get to and from medical appointments. The elderly, disabled, and patients with immobilizing injuries and chronic illnesses depend on these services.

Owning  a Non Emergency Medical Transport Business
As a business owner, you need to stay in business for your customers. It's hard to do that if you don't have transportation insurance. We can help you with insurance and markets for non-emergency (and emergency) ambulances, medical transport vans, and any commercial or livery transportation operations through our partner's specialty insurance markets.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation insurance should include commercial automobile coverage and workers' compensation. An automobile policy protects your work vehicles and will help you pay to repair and replace your cars after an accident. Many states require you and/or your insurance company to submit forms to the department of transportation to prove that you have adequate levels of insurance.

These requirements are legislated at the state level and therefore vary based on the state in which you operate. Before you buy commercial automobile insurance, speak with an insurance agent about all your specific non emergency medical transport insurance needs  to determine the amounts of coverage you need and find the policy that's right for your business.

Workers' compensation is mandatory in most states. Even if you can meet an exception, you would foolish to operate your business without it. Workers' compensation covers claims that arise when one of your employees is injured while working within the course and scope of his/her employment. If you don't have workers' compensation, you could be ordered by a court to pay the medical costs and lost wages associated with your employees' work-related injuries. Many insurance companies will allow you to bundle a number of insurance policies together into one package. Discuss this with your business partners and representatives from different insurance companies.

You should also consider general liability insurance. General liability will protect you in the event that one of your employees injures someone at work or damages someone's property. No matter how careful you are and how much you train your employees, accidents happen and not all incidents can be prevented. General liability will protect your interests if one of your drivers gets into a car accident. The passengers who you transport are likely already dealing with an illness or injury. Car crashes could exacerbate these issues and could cost you and your company a substantial amount of money. Protect yourself and your business and make sure that you have automobile and general liability coverage.

What Non Emergency Medical Transport Insurance Can Cover:
  • - Auto Liability
  • - General Liability
  • - High Capacity Passenger Vans
  • - Wheel Chair Ramps/Lifts
  • - Non-Owned/Hired Vehicles

Property and equipment insurance may also be needed. You need insurance to protect your offices and the equipment within your company vehicles. You likely have lifts and harnesses that are costly to replace. Don't take a risk, make sure all of your property is insured and protected from loss. With all of these insurance policies in place, you should be ready to operate your non-medical emergency transportation service.

Who insurance coverage do non emergency medical transport vehicles (NEMT) policies cover?
  • - For-hire on contractual or demand basis
  • - Paratransit
  • - Taxis
  • - Limousines
  • - Chartered Buses
  • - Car Services

If you want to protect your company further, you could also consider excess coverage. If your base policy takes care of costs up to $500,000 per incident, then you could buy excess coverage that would cover expenses from $500,000 to $1,000,000. This extra layer of insurance will protect you in extreme circumstances, when catastrophic accidents occur.
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