Electromagnetic Fields (Utilities) Liability Insurance

Classified alongside chemicals, smoke, and asbestos as “pollutants” electromagnetic fields (EMF) poses a high risk to various persons such as users of electrical power, electrical power generating companies, power transmission companies, and large generators. Sources of possible EMF health risks include radio frequencies, extremely low frequencies, and static magnetic fields. In homes, EMF exposures come from electrical appliances. The public has targeted cell phone manufacturers and electric power lines as likely EMF targets. Electromagnetic Fields (Utilities) Liability Insurance is a way for prudent companies to minimize exposure to vexatious litigation and adverse publicity.


“Electromagnetic field exclusions” are clear and common in most insurance companies. It is applied as a market standard. This exclusion serves to exclude cover for illnesses caused by long-term EMF (non-ionizing radiation) exposure. For EMF liability insurance cover you have to purchase additional “Pollution Liability” coverage. EMF liability insurance covers claims brought by third parties for body injuries and property claims by third parties. This policy does not pay for damage caused by artificially generated electromagnetic, magnetic and electrical energy that  damages, disrupts or interferes with any device, appliance, system, electronic wire or network utilizing satellite or cellular technology. 

Amount and Exclusions

Coverage is limited by the policy terms. Deductibles that are paid out of pocket are available before any insurance coverage starts.  Caution needs to be taken to ensure that claims regarding electrical, electromagnetic and magnetic energy emissions are not in the exclusions of pollution liability insurance coverage. Pre-existing EMF emissions from electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energy may be excluded from the coverage. Specific known hazards relating to EMF emissions may be added to the coverage depending on the risk involved.

Electromagnetic field liability insurance protects electrical power generating companies, users of electrical power and electrical power providers against losses resulting from electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energy emissions.
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