Get A Custom URL (Individuals)

What Is a "Custom" URL?

An elegant and memorable custom link to your profile that is easy to share on business cards and other marketing materials.

Setup your custom URL now, all you have to do is edit your profile!

Why Get A Custom URL?

Custom URL's are unique and can be used on your business cards, promotional materials, email signatures and just about anywhere.

People (Peers, Prospects, Clients and Wholesalers/Carriers) that view your profile will eventually be able to (features are being rolled out regularly) see how your professional network connects with you and reviews and rates your professionalism, evaluates your network of clients and partnerships and much more. As these features come online, the need to have a custom URL that you can hand out to your clients, prospects and partners will become increasingly more valuable.

So, grab your Custom URL now (it's free) - just Edit Your Profile and enter your preferred Profile Name in the profile name field. Suggested name could be : JohnDoe, JDoe, Doe and so on and your custom profile would then be http://CompleteMarkets.com/johndoe (for example).

How Do I Build Connections?

Accrue more connections on CompleteMarkets.com, and your reputation score increases.

  • Use the People You May Know feature.
  • Find others with the People Search feature.
  • Invite your address book contacts using the Import Tool.
  • Invite your LinkedIn Contacts.
  • Participate in BlogsGroups, and Discussions.
  • Share and rate content. 

  • * We reserve the right to reclaim Custom URLs for unauthorized use, including transfer of ownership, violating trademark rights, acquiring URL/user name with intent to sell (squatting).
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