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1584 Chapel Street

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    2115 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06515
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1584 Chapel Street is an insurance related company listed under the Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance in New Haven, CT | Fire, Marine, And Casualty Insurance category. 1584 Chapel Street has been serving the state of Connecticut since around 2001. With an estimated annual revenue of Less than $500,000 and a team of approximately 1 to 4, 1584 Chapel Street can help folks and businesses with their insurance needs. 1584 Chapel Street has been practicing insurance and risk management for over 15 years and carries various insurance licenses for your insurance needs. Our agency's SIC Listed - 6331, Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance and NAICS Listing 52421001, Insurance Agencies & Brokerages. 1584 Chapel Street has no reviews and recommendations from industry peers, insurance clients, or prospects. If you have done business with us, please write us a review. 1584 Chapel Street has been an active member of our network of insurance companies for 15 years. Our key contacts are - Nechama Langenauer, Manager, Manager.

Insurance is a key component in helping you recover from accidents, disasters and lawsuits. At 1584 Chapel Street, we have you covered. Our agents and support staff are here to give you the right insurance related advice based on your specific needs – helping you get the right coverage for you, your family and/or your business. While we can help you with almost any type of insurance, or guide you to the right partner of ours here are some of the key areas that most folk require insurance -
  1. Home Insurance (including renters insurance, condo insurance) – every community and locality has specific needs. Some areas are more prone to fires, others to floods. Our agents understand the vagaries of homeowners insurance needed in the New Haven, CT area and we can help you get great insurance coverage for – fire protection, flood insurance, insuring valuables, and even personal umbrella insurance – coverage that gives you additional peace of mind.
  2. Auto Insurance – in the vast majority of states it is illegal to drive without at the very minimum liability insurance coverage for a vehicle you drive. But, the nuances are different from state to state and in some cases county and city rules may require special consideration. Our agents can help you navigate the different auto insurance coverages, riders and recommend carriers, pricing and adequate coverage based on your specific needs.
  3. Business insurance – every business has different needs. While all businesses need some form of liability insurance; professional services need additional E&O, there are specific needs for each and every class of business - for example construction/contractors may need specific coverage based on the location (New Haven, CT); and many blue collar businesses need special commercial auto insurance and workers compensation coverages.

Pick up the phone – call 203-397-3332, we would love to hear your story, give you some great insurance advice, and if you think we can get you some comparative quotes, we will use our expertise to your advantage.
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