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Auto Insurance in San Leandro, CA
How to pay for your auto insurance policy?

  1. The policy normally is valid for 6 months, and renews every six months, although some policies are annual. You can change auto insurance at any time and get a pro-rated refund if due.
  2. Most carriers will give you multiple payment options –
    1. Monthly auto debit from your bank account.
    2. Pay by mail/check (includes a service fee)
    3. Quarterly or bi-monthly payments.

What affects the price of auto insurance?

  1. Insured Driver and Additional drivers profile
    1. Age
    2. Driving history
    3. Credit profile
  2. Insured Automobile
    1. Type and age of vehicle
    2. Cost of vehicle
    3. Safety options on the vehicle (type of brakes, body construction, crash test data etc)
    4. Estimated miles expected to be driven
  3. Other
    1. Deductible Amount – the lower out of pocket deductible, the higher the insurance premium.
    2. Amount of coverage limits – higher the coverage limits, the higher the premium.
    3. Additional and supporting insurance policies – examples of policies that support an auto policy
      1. Personal Umbrella
      2. Health Insurance
      3. Accident Insurance
  4. Our auto insurance experts are helping individuals and families in the San Leandro, CA and surrounding areas, on a daily basis. Give us a call.

What about additional drivers and additional vehicles?

  1. Some policies (especially comprehensive auto insurance policies) have protection for family members (household members) that drive your vehicles. But, this is not common.
  2. Adding additional vehicles is quite simple and will definitely affect your overall premium.
  3. Adding additional drivers, while also a simple task, could dramatically affect your policy based on the history of the additional driver.
  4. Contact us today and we will help you get this going.

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