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United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Insurance (USL&H)
Formed in 2009, by an experienced team of industry executives, Breckenridge Insurance Services main goal was to create a dynamic and collaborative organization with a combination of diverse and talented professionals.  

Today, we offer a wide variety of property and casualty wholesale brokerage products as well as managing general agent programs and our underwriter program expertise. Our array of financial services, including asset tracking and insurance to clients nationwide, are with top rated carriers.   

Breckenridge Insurance Services knows the complexities, inside and out, with maritime industry along with the regulations that govern it.

United States Longshore Workers Compensation Insurance covers employees who work in traditional maritime occupations such as; ship-repairers, longshore workers, harbor construction workers and shipbuilders.  

Injuries with this type of coverage must occur within the United States  navigable waters, or in its adjoining areas, (wharves, terminals, docks), used in loading and unloading vessels. Non-maritime employees may also be covered if they perform their work on navigable water and their injuries occur there. 

Did you know:

The United States Longshore and Harbor (USL&H) Workers Compensation act was founded in 1927 to help cover certain maritime workers who were not covered by the 1920 Jones act?  

USL&H Target Classes Include: 
  • Stevedoring
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Marina Operators
  • Marine Artisan Contractors 
  • Marine Construction 
  • Boat Building and Repair
  • Ship Cleaning
  • Dock and Pier Contractors
  • Marine Terminal Operators  
Our broad range of considerations will tailor a solution that best fits your clients United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation needs.   

The combination of our industry specialists at Breckenridge Insurance Services and our A.M. Best Rated A+ XV carrier in Zurich, allow us to deliver a competitive, comprehensive coverage for all of your traditional maritime insureds, including your hardest to place risk client and including incidental MEL. 

For more information on our maritime programs please contact us today! 

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