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Easy Small Business Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation can be a huge barrier for small businesses. Oftentimes, these business owners are required to carry insurance, but it’s too expensive.

Over the years, we have specialized in helping our agents find affordable small business workers’ comp for their clients.

Our goal is to help agents cover their insureds with the policy they need, whether it’s a simple certificate of insurance needed to get hired, or something more customized. That’s why we have created affordable, flexible workers’ comp programs for businesses as small as a single owner with no employees.

No longer will you have to turn to the Assigned Risk Program. Now, you can:
-Avoid mid-term audits
-Avoid carrier turnover — Meaning, you won’t have to  rewrite policies every few years
-Offer your insureds a better option at a more competitive price

SolePro offers three options your client can choose from:

Solo X
-A minimum premium workers' comp program for businesses with no employees.
-Owners are excluded from workers’ comp coverage
-24-hour accident policy is included
-Online submission process: You can sign, bind, and pay with the click of a button.
Solo I -An affordable workers’ comp program for businesses with no employees.
-Owners are included in coverage
-Optional accident policy available
-Direct bill, Pay plans available
Plus -A flexible workers’ comp program for businesses with one or more employees.
-Owners can include or exclude themselves from coverage
-Employees are automatically covered
-Optional accident policy available
-Direct bill, Pay plans available

*Please note that any businesses using subcontractors or day laborers are ineligible for our programs.

So, why choose SolePro?

We are dedicated to streamlining Small Business Workers’ Compensation. Our platform is designed for agents and brokers to write worker’s comp easily and efficiently. Our team consists of industry experts with 100+ years combined experience.

For more information on our program and how we can help your client save money, reach out to us today.

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