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Guardianship Bond
"Legal guardianship" is a court granted authority in which a responsible person (a "fiduciary") is appointed to manage the financial affairs and property interests of a third party (a "ward"). A guardianship bond is often required to protect the ward's assets from gross mismanagement or fraudulent conversion by the guardian. A ward can be a minor, having not reached the age of majority and legally unable to handle his or her funds. A ward can also be an elderly person who may no longer be competent to handle his or her finances or where the possibility of exploitation of the senior exists. Because of a guardian's strict duty to act only in the best interests of the ward, avoiding any possible conflicts of interest and exercising the utmost diligence in the management of the ward's affairs, a fiduciary bond is the best form of financial assurance to protect the ward.

Underwriting of guardianship bonds requires review by a surety specialist with knowledge about guardianship law in the jurisdiction where the bond will be filed and experience with fiduciary obligations. Surety One, Inc., specializes in judicial and fiduciary bonds. We offer guardianship and probate bonds in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Application submissions are reviewed and responded to on the same day as they are received. We are the MOST RESPONSIVE surety underwriter in the business. Call (800) 373-2804 or email us at [email protected] for a guardianship bond application or for any fiduciary bond need.

Surety bond application review and quoting are free of charge. There is no obligation to purchase.

U.S. States Available

  • U.S. States Available:
  • US Territories:
    American Samoa , Guam, Minor Outlying Islands , Northern Mariana Islands , Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
  • Provider Type:
    Managing General Agency
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All fifty states, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.
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