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Contractors Equipment Insurance



Give us the opportunity to provide your client with a quote that will give them the coverage they need.  We can turn a quote around to you in record time.   Our "AIM" is to provide you with excellent service and support!

Reasons we are your market of choice for Contractors Equipment Insurance:

  • Special Form 
  • Mono-line coverage 
  • Competitve rates 
  • Short term available for Leased or Rented Equipment 
  • Low deductibles 
  • Low Minimum Premiums
Eligible Equipment:
  • Contractors
  • Logging 
  • Forestry 
  • Agricultural 
  • Construction 
  • Industrial
  • Landscaping
  • Roadbuilding
  • Personal Farm Use 

Product Highlights:

  • Admitted paper 
  • Company expertise in class 
  • Excellent Claim Service 
  • Prompt quotes available 

U.S. States Available

  • U.S. States Available:
  • Provider Type:
    Managing General Agency
  • Admitted:
    All Available States
  • Carriers:
  • Carrier Ratings:
  • Commission:
  • Min Premium:


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  • AIM Premium Finance Flyer
    Premium Financing available for Virginia
  • Quick Quote Questionnaire
    To quote we will need the Questionnaire completed with equipment information.
    To bind we will need the Questionnaire completed to include the serial numbers of all equipment.


Brokerage agreements are not required until you write your first piece of business with our agency. 

Once we bind the first piece of business, you will be sent a brokerage contract to complete and return. This is needed to complete your broker file and includes e-commerce authorization and specific obligations.


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