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Limited Benefit Group Cancer Indemnity Insurance

Limited Benefit Group Cancer Indemnity Insurance

Today, it’s rare to find an American who doesn’t have a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member touched by cancer. Fortunately, the cancer survival rate is increasing, according to the American Cancer Society1. However, the treatment of cancer often involves ongoing medical treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and radiation or chemotherapy – and the expenses can be staggering. Even the best major medical insurance doesn’t cover all of the expenses related to the treatment of cancer, often leaving individuals and families with unexpected financial woes.

That’s why APL offers a group limited benefit cancer indemnity plan that can help to pay for some of the expenses due to treatment of cancer.

And because early detection is so important in the treatment of cancer, our group plans also provide an optional diagnostic testing rider to help with the cost of routine cancer screening tests.

Highlights (Policy Form GC-3 Series):

  • Indemnity benefits
  • Group rates, available through payroll deduction (minimum 5 lives)
  • Three levels of benefits available
  •  Simplified issue
  • Rates are based on age at entry and do not increase solely with attained age
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1Cancer Facts and Figures 2009; American Cancer Society, p 18.

The information contained on this product page generally highlights the important features of the particular product listed and does not constitute a statement of contract, nor a complete description of the conditions, benefits, limitations, exclusions and other terms of coverage. The product listed and/or all benefits may not be available in all states and coverage is subject to all applicable policy provisions as authorized by the proper state regulatory authorities. For more complete information, please consult the terms of the product policy form approved in your state or contact us.

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