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Non-Standard Worker Comp Insurance for Swimming Pool Contractors

Empire Underwriters has partnered with an “A” rated carrier to develop a comprehensive insurance program that addresses the specialized needs of swimming pool and spa contractors. Empire’s experienced team of underwriters, risk control specialists, and claims professionals deliver the service level that swimming pool and spa contractors have come to expect.

Do you have Swimming Pool contractors that have special Workers Comp insurance needs? Send us your hard to write Workers Comp submissions and put our experience to work for you and your clients.

Program Highlights:

  • Pay As you Go Non-Standard Workers Comp at reduced costs!
  • Loss Control and Risk Management
  • Aggressive and Fair Claims Management
  • HR Services -support: Unemployment Claims Administration, Garnishments, Cobra etc...
  • Full Payroll service including full tax remittance and compliance, 941's, W-2's
  • Client Option to Cut Checks in-house
  • ASO-Non PEO Option
  • PEO / Employee Leasing Option
  • Client Option to Cut Checks in-house
  • Very high retention product - continuous until cancelled

Eligibility & Target Market:

  • Accounts that have a strong and urgent necessity to get out of a State Workers Compensation Insurance Company or Fund a state assign risk pool or “insurer of last resort”
  • Accounts that have been non-renewed or cancelled by the “standard market” due to exposure or losses and/or are headed to a State Insurance Fund, assign risk pool or “insurer of last resort” and have X-Mods between 1.3 and 3.0
  • accounts that have a credit mod but being Non-Renewed by current carrier due to heavy losses the prior year and do not wish to go to a state insurer or “insurer of last resort”
  • lapse in coverage with adverse loss experience
  • accounts with No Prior coverage, but tough class, interstate exposure, adverse underwriting criteria
  • any combination of the above that makes the account impossible or unlikely for the standard market to handle
  • Accounts with governing class codes with manual rates of $8 to $50 or greater with a high X mod 1.30 in conjunction with 1 more of the above criteria
  • tough classes with some or all of the above criteria

All submissions must fit in one or more of the above categories to be considered for underwriting for PEO. If the account is not in one or more of above the categories, it cannot be quoted by our PEO division.

Not Eligible For Quotes:

  • policy holders that are not in one or more of the above “Eligibility for PEO Quotes” section
  • policy holders that have offers from the standard market
  • Policy holders that are “just shopping” to see if they can get a better rate
  • Accounts with low loss picks and/or credit X-mods

Submission Requirements:

  • Acord 130
  • The Supplemental for the Class of Work pertaining to the risk being submitted (on our webpage)
  • 3 Years loss history
  • Loss History Affidavit for accounts with Lapse in coverage or No Prior
  • Explanation of claims over $20,000
  • Experience Mod-Sheet

Do you need a Non-Standard Workers Comp Insurance Quote for your Swimming Pool Contractor Account?

Send an email to [email protected] with your coverage needs or call 800-758-8113 to speak to an underwriter immediately.

U.S. States Available

  • U.S. States Available:
  • Provider Type:
    Managing General Underwriter and Excess & Surplus Lines Broker
  • Admitted:
    All Available Markets
  • Carriers:
  • Carrier Ratings:
    AM Best ratings from B+ to A+X
  • Commission:
    Typically 8% of Workers Compensation premiums
  • Min Premium:


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