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Technology Professional Liability Insurance

Technology Professional Liability Insurance coverage for technology professionals varies widely from carrier to carrier.  Some markets have rolled out very broad policies at pricing comparable to (or often even lower than)  the pricing on older, more restrictive policies.  Some of the coverage features available include:


  • Seamless coverage for professional, network security, privacy and media liabilities
  • Optional contingent bodily injury and property damage coverage for medical, engineering and safety exposures
  • Optional privacy event expense coverage
  • Optional network extortion coverage
  • Broad definition of Technology and Telecommunications Services
  • Ability to tailor additional professional services on the declarations to reflect the insured’s business
  • Defense of privacy regulatory investigations and payment  regulatory restitution funds
  • Enterprise privacy coverage extends to paper records,  data entrusted to third party vendors with a duty to maintain its confidentiality and unintentional breaches of the insured’s privacy policy
  • Vicarious liability coverage for acts committed by rogue employees
  • Covered media includes the insured’s web site, audio or visual content, paper publications and posts to blogs and social media sites made by insureds on behalf of the Named Insured
  • Punitive damages where insurable
  • Worldwide coverage territory

While Gaddis Co. represents dozens of carriers for Technology Professional Liability Insurance or Tech E&O, and have keyed in on a few  that not only offer extremely broad coverage at affordable rates, but also provide outstanding service.   Premiums start around $900.


Our philosophy at Gaddis Co. is to work hard to earn a place as one of your key wholesalers.  For even a small one-man tech account, we'll commit the time and energy to help you find your client cost effective coverage to fit his needs.



U.S. States Available

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    Wholesale Broker
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    Some Available States
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    A or better
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Working with Gaddis Company couldn't be easier as we do not require you to complete long detailed broker agreements. In order to place business with us we only require the following documents:

- Copy of license showing you can place business in the state where the insured is located.

- Proof of current Insurance Agents E&O coverage for your agency.

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