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Collection Agents Insurance
The typical policies written for collection agents or collection law firms usually have a standard exclusion for unsolicited faxes, mail, phone calls, or any other form of communication.   These exclusions are meant to exclude coverage for things like spam emails, faxes, or phone calls that are selling a service in a harassing manner and against various federal laws such as the “do not call list.”  This is fine and dandy, but for a collection agency or firm, their business model is BASED on making harassing calls, it’s what they do. 


This exclusion could void coverage for a frequent source of claims against collection firms and agencies. We are familiar with this exposure and can often negotiate coverage options for these pesky claims. Don’t let your insurance agents E&O cover your client’s claim!
Another issue with collection agents and firms is the nuisance claim. People are always threatening to sue collection agents but most of these “suits” are never actually filed.  By reporting every claim made against them, collection agents could have loss runs that look like small books yet never have a claim that amounted to anything other than a letter. If they don’t report them though, they run the risk of something blowing up down the road and not having coverage. That is where an option to not report every claim that comes in is handy. We work with our carriers to provide options that the insured not report every claim that they settle under the deductible. As these insured’s have high deductibles, we can negotiate terms where they often only need to report claims if the claim is more than 50% of the deductible. If the claim will be settled under that threshold, they need not report it to the carrier. This saves the insured and you time in not reporting a new claim every time someone is upset that they are being called.

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