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Network Security Insurance

Network security insurance  has become a hot topic of late.  Network Breaches of private information are making headlines almost daily, and for good reason. They can be very expensive. Some studies suggest that the total cost to the organization responsible for a breach might be near $200 per record. If several thousand records are compromised, it is easy to see how claims can quickly get to 7 figures or more.


Gaddis Co. is please to provide very cost-effective, basic data breach coverage for entities with total revenues under 10 million. Retailers can estimate premiums for most types of insureds using the table below:


Premium Pricing Schedule for Network Security Insurance


Annual Revenue of up to $5 million




Aggregate Limit of Insurance:

 $    100,000

$ 250,000

$ 500,000

$ 1,000,000


 $        500

$     950

$     1,450

$        2,100






Annual Revenue in excess of $5 million up to $10 million




Aggregate Limit of Insurance:

 $    100,000

$ 250,000

$ 500,000

$ 1,000,000


 $        950

$     1,500

$     2,100

$        2,900


We can also offer solutions for larger organizations or organizations looking for coverage enhancements such as:


1.       Libel/slander/copyright trademark coverage for web activity

2.       Third party coverage for denial of service attacks

3.       Third party coverage for destruction of data

4.       Third party coverage for breach of trade secrets

5.       Defense costs for regulatory proceedings

6.       First party coverage for destruction and loss of data

7.       First party coverage for business interruption

8.       First party coverage for data extortion

9.       First party coverage for cost of internal forensic investigation

10.   Payment of fines and penalties that reflect restitution to damaged individuals


Using our application or any similar application already completed, we can obtain quotes from the leading carriers on this line and help you sort through the widely varying options and coverage forms to help you and your client select the most cost-effective protection.

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Working with Gaddis Company couldn't be easier as we do not require you to complete long detailed broker agreements. In order to place business with us we only require the following documents:

- Copy of license showing you can place business in the state where the insured is located.

- Proof of current Insurance Agents E&O coverage for your agency.

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