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Life Insurance

Getting life insurance in can be the responsible choice if you are a significant earner in your family. And it may be the most selfless thing you ever do. 
Protecting you family financially in the event of an untimely death can give you a great sense of comfort and peace of mind. Failing to do so can leave loved ones with incredible stress and a financial burden that can be overwhelming.

The payouts from life insurance can protect your family in the future should something bad happen to you. Part of the process involves considering your options for policies and providers and comparing quotes. A policy with a longer term and greater benefits is more expensive, but it is important to also understand the other factors that affect the quotes.

Your Age and Gender

Younger individuals can obtain less expensive life insurance because, simply enough, they are less likely to die and require the provider to pay benefits. On average, women can expect lower quotes than men of the same age. It’s not a question of favoritism toward women. The truth is that women have longer life expectancies than men.

Your Lifestyle and Occupation

Smokers are at higher risk for heart disease, certain cancers, respiratory illnesses, and death. If you smoke, your life insurance quotes are going to be higher than for someone who doesn’t smoke or use tobacco. Similarly, drinking is also associated with health risks, and heavy drinkers can expect higher quotes. You can get lower rates by quitting smoking or drinking.

Individuals with high-risk occupations, such as police officers and dirt bike racers, have higher rates than those with low-risk occupations, such as those involving office jobs.

Your Health

Your quote considers your current health, health history, and family history because these all affect your risk of dying. Chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer can all raise your rates. You can lower your rates by managing certain chronic conditions. For example, keeping your blood sugar in check if you have diabetes can get you a lower quote.

Since obesity is a risk factor for health complications and death, your quote is likely to be higher if you are obese. Losing weight can get you better rates.

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