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Long Term Care Insurance

Here at the Gelinas Financial Group, Inc. we specialize in Long-Term Care Insurance in Cumming GeorgiaLong-Term Care can be very expensive and most people would go through their savings very quickly if they are left to pay for these services on their own. Long-Term Care Insurance can provide the financial relief when you need it the most. The cost of Long-Term care is on average around $160 per day. This doesn’t include any additional cost like prescriptions or other doctor visits that are necessary. Traditional medical insurance does not cover long-term care as some may think. Long term care insurance pays the biggest part of the expense so that the insured can maintain their quality of life while also protecting their assets.

When long-term care insurance is offered through an employer it is a voluntary benefit. It can present several options with various policy riders. These riders can include waiver of premium, inflation protection, or premium refund at death. You may also want to offer several choices of pre-packaged plans to make this process easier for employees. This could include a choice of benefit duration such as lifetime, five years or three years with certain pre-selected riders built in. By offering your employees the option of participating in voluntary long-term care insurance you show them that they are valued employees.


Many employer sponsored plans offer attractive group rates and simplified medical underwriting as opposed to a full medical exam. In addition these plan features are often extended to grandparents, parent and spouses. Naturally, these voluntary long- term care plans can be transferred at the same cost in the event of a retirement or job change so that you may maintain this valuable coverage.

Call your representative at Gelinas Financial Group, Inc. to take care of all of your Long-Term Care Insurance needs. 


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