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Grand General Agency
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Grand General Insurance Agency
Grand General Agency has been providing superior service to the independent agents in the Great Lakes region for over 25 years.  We are a wholesaler for a wide variety of commercial and personal lines products, both admitted and surplus lines. We are perfect for smaller agencies that can't maintain the production requirements many companies have, because we don't have any.  We are also perfect for the larger agencies that need to speak with an expert on products they don't work with very often.  We are perfect for any agency that needs access to companies that are A-rated or better.

When you call Grand General Agency, a real live person answers the phone.  You don't have to "Press 1 for English" or "Press 2 for an underwriter".  The people that answer the phone are agents and underwriters.  Although it isn't always possible, we try to answer your question without ever having to transfer you. 
At Grand General Agency we have:
  • No Contract Fees
  • No Minimum Production Requirements
  • No Appointment Fees
  • No Licensing Fees
  • No Quoting Fees
We also have:
  • Quote by phone (the majority of our products can be quoted while you are on the phone!)
  • Quote by Email
  • Quote by Fax
  • Quote by snail mail
How do you like to work?  Grand General Agency will work hard to make sure that your job is as easy as possible.  Let us know how we can help.
Call Grand General Agency today at 1-800-869-2022 or visit our website for more details.

U.S. States Available

  • U.S. States Available:
  • Provider Type:
    General Agency
  • Admitted:
    Most Available Markets
  • Carriers:
  • Carrier Ratings:
    A or better
  • Commission:
  • Min Premium:


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Grand General Agency has other insurance programs like Association Crime Insurance.