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Architects and Engineers Professional Liability
There are many factors to consider when selecting an Architects and Engineers (A&E) Professional Liability policy, and we here at Intercorp can help you to choose the right balance of coverage features to get the most out of an insured's premium dollars.

Our familiarity with the coverage forms of A&E carriers means that we are able to help you choose the appropriate policy language to avoid potential issues when claims may arise.

Some of Our Target Classes Include: • Audio Consultants
• Architectural Building Code Inspectors
• Civil Engineers
• Construction Management Engineers
• Electrical Engineers
• Environmental Engineers
• Highway Engineers
• Landscape Architects
• Materials Engineers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Nuclear Engineers
• Robotics Engineers
• Roofing Consultants
• Safety Engineers
• Textile Engineers
• Value/Quality Engineers

With Architects & Engineers Professional Liability insurance, as with many types of insurance, the best offense is a good defense. Roughly half of all costs associated with Architects and Engineers claims are related to defense costs. Smaller firms may want to add a first dollar defense endorsement to their policy, so that they don't pay any deductible for defense costs.

Larger sophisticated firms may choose to add tiered deductibles to their policies so that the deductible is reduced after the first two or three claims made. Since their professional reputation is on the line, Architects and Engineers firms insist upon a vigorous defense so it's important to consider claims handling practices and capabilities when selecting an A&E carrier. The top Architects and Engineers insurance carriers often let firms pre-qualify their preferred counsel and offer risk management seminars, fast turnaround contract review, and pre-claims assistance at no charge.

To learn more about our Architects and Engineers Professional Liability program, contact us and we will provide you answers to your questions, a full list of target classes and quotes from our competitor applications.

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  • Contact Intercorp with a description of the account, and we will email appropriate applications.  Or, in many cases, we can work from applications the insured may have already completed.


To do business with Intercorp, we require a completed producer form, copies of licenses in the appropriate jurisdictions, and proof of errors and omissions coverage ($1,000,000 minimum limit.)

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