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Restaurant Workers' Compensation Insurance

When you work in the food industry, owners and employees face risks on a daily basis.

There is a high risk for accidents, slips and falls, burns, food illness etc. For example, let’s say it is a busy lunch rush and the line is backed up and customers are sitting around the door way area because there is nowhere to sit while they wait. Servers are running around trying to bring food out on time and keep customers happy while at the same time picking up as they go, bring out checks and provide customers with any additional service such as bringing to go boxes.

The chance of a server running into another server and the two colliding and falling causing an injury with broken glass everywhere is not an uncommon accident.

During this type of lunch rush, the chance of an accident has increased!

 It’s not just servers that are at risk, there are also the cooks and bussers and the manager. Everyone has to work at a fast pace to keep the flow of the restaurant going, they can’t slow down otherwise they could lose business. Working at a fast pace puts everyone at risk for some type of accident or injury.

tKg Comp offers Restaurant Workers' Compensation Insurance nationwide that is able to meet the needs of your client so they can run their business smoothly.

We work with the following target classes: Fast Food 
Fine Dining Restaurants 
24 Hour Food Places 
Chain Restaurants 
Multi-state Exposures 
Start-ups and high liquor percentages
 *Please note in certain states we can consider bouncers and live entertainment.

Program Highlights:
Fine dining 
Fast Food 
If you have a client that would be a qualified candidate for our Restaurant Workers' Compensation Insurance and would like to learn more about what we can server to your client, please give us a call today!

We can provide your clients with a sense of peace and mind while they serve happy customers.

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