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Expatriate Benefit Parity - The Challenge

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Cost Containment Is a Must Have for Expatriate Employers

The cost of medical treatment is rising all around the world and with real pressure on public finances, access to publically funded healthcare for expats – which always was limited. Expatriates look to employers to provide international private medical insurance (IPMI) with benefit parity to their colleagues back home or face the real possibility of being unable to access private healthcare when they most need it.

Expatriates need confidence, transparency, good value and service from an independent source they can rely upon when moving country or location. Mercury Healthcare's producers are independent international medical, health and expat insurance brokers and agencies that provide the right level of cover tailored to the need of each customer.

For many expats, it is crucial to have access to vetted and inspected hospitals, physicians and other medical and dental providers.  We have the solution to help any employer with expatriates identify the plan which is right for their circumstances and their employee bnefits budget. Instead of a pastiche of spliced benefits management providers and ASOs, you'll be able to reintegrate your entire workforce and manage it under your SPD with one of our TPA partners.

Our network is available to employees of any employer, any nationality, anywhere, living or working in any country.


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