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Construction Workers' Compensation Insurance

Monarch Partners Group LLC and affiliates (MPG,) have been providing standard and alternative market workers' compensation solutions to agents and brokers nationwide for over 25 years.
MPG specializes in High Risk and Hard to Place risks such as those in the Construction industry. Risks in the Construction industry who also have higher cost class codes, high debit Xmods., and premiums of $50k or more, benefit most from MPG programs.  Construction is one of MPG’s target markets.

One of MPG's more popular programs is the premium only workers' compensation insurance solution for the Construction industry called our Payroll Opt-out Work Comp Program (POWC). This program requires $100k in minimum premium. The POWC entity has a master WC policy structure in the background but the risk can opt-out of payroll and payroll tax services and remain obligated to perform those functions using their own systems, tax #s, and bank accounts.....and leave the WC program only in the POWC to take advantage of the POWC entity's favorable x-mod and WC program, pay premium only on a pay as go basis for better cash flow mgmt., receive better overall pricing, have available and included benefits & services, and not have to go thru year-end premium audits.  With its compelling pricing and flexibility, we have several larger risks in this program who are quite pleased.

What MPG programs bring to you and your clients:

• Competitive and residual compensation
• “A” rated carriers
• Cost effective pricing 
• All states coverage 
• Broad class code acceptance
• Quick quote turnaround 
• In-house underwriting in many cases
• Tailored risk management programs
• HR, payroll processing, payroll funding, and more

Compelling Program Features:

A. We can offer substantial cost savings to distressed risks 
     through our master policy programs
B. Larger risks can process their own payroll and issue
     employee checks on their own bank account with no   
     employee paperwork required in many cases.
C. We offer pay-as-go structures
D. NO Xmod or loss ratio limits
E.  Coverage lapses & midterms ok
F. New ventures acceptable
G. Guaranteed cost and deductibles available

Standard Submission Information:

1. ACORD 130
2. 3 years currently valued carrier loss runs (preferably summarized)
3. Current policy declaration/rating pages (if with a PEO now, current rates/code)
4. Xmod sheet
5. Any other info that will help us understand the risk
[email protected]
Ken Heideger 954-554-3456 




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