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Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance Experts! When it comes to your clients and their Aviation exposures, look no further than Plimsoll Specialty.

We have a deep bench of veteran aerospace insurance executives ready to bring the retail insurance agent/broker, the best consultative placement services available in the market for all lines of Aviation Insurance.

The wide scope of our expertise and abilities allow us to find the very best coverage in the marketplace for almost any aviation related business, from jets and helicopters, to airports and manufacturers, right down to airport janitorial operations. If it has anything at all to do with aviation, it’s likely we have a market that’s interested in it, from aircraft hull and liability to Aviation General Liability, workers’ compensation and even property coverage on hangars.

We’ll tailor our Aviation Insurance coverage specifically to your client’s operation and the risks involved within this unique niche industry.

When you need help sorting through coverage options, our team of aviation experts can help.

Coverages Offered:
• Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance
• Aviation General Liability Insurance
• Airport General Liability for public airports.
• Aerospace Products Liability
• Workers Compensation
   - Coverage for all aviation related business – Flight Operations, Maintenance and Repair, Airport Service Contractors
• Non-Owned Aviation/ Aircraft Liability
• Airshow Liability
• Helipad Liability
• Professional Liability for Aviation related operations
• Property Insurance for Hangars
*We can place accounts with liability limits from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000,000 (billion) in certain instances.

Target Classes:
• Corporate Jet or Private Aircraft Operators
• Commercial Aircraft and Helicopter Operators
• Aircraft Component Manufacturers
• Airports and Helipads
• Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
• Any Airport or Airline Contractor including: Refueling, Baggage Handlers, Catering, Janitorial, Security, Lavatory, Aircraft Cleaning, De-icing and airport snow removal.
• DOD Aviation Contractors
• Flight Schools
• FBO’s

As an insurance agent or broker it is important that you don’t rely on just anyone to help you navigate this niche market with unique coverages, and high liability limits. Our team will make sure your client has the very best coverage. We’ll educate you so that you can sell the product and we’ll cover your back to protect you from competition that might bring a better deal to the table.

We’re here to put our years of experience and deep knowledge of the Aviation Insurance marketplace to work for you!

Reach out to us today to speak with one of our aviation experts or you can visit our website:

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