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Underground Storage Tanks
Insurance coverage for Underground Storage Tanks is hard to come by in this industry.

Under federal requirements, owners and operators must demonstrate financial responsibility for taking corrective action and for compensating third parties for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidental releases arising from the operation of aboveground or underground storage tanks.

Carriers are non-renewing due to the age of the tanks!

Our Underground Storage Tanks insurance offers broad, comprehensive and flexible pollution liability for operators and owners for various risks in this industry.

Target Classes: • Gas stations
• Airports (aboveground or underground storage tanks)
• Trucking Companies (with their own gas or diesel underground/aboveground tanks)
• Governmental Entities (Municipality, City, or Town with their own gas/diesel)
• Agricultural Risk (aboveground or underground storage tanks)
• Heating Oil Distributors (aboveground or underground storage tanks)

Coverages Offered: • Deductible BI/PD applies to state mandated corrective action
• Sudden and Accidental Release
• Non-Sudden Accidental Release
• SIR – BI/PD for Third Party Liability (minimum deductible and/or SIR $10K)
• Occurrence Forma Available
*Please note that we will not provide coverage for any prior, existing, ongoing leakage or contamination. Coverage is suspended during modifications, repairs or replacement of tanks. Tanks must be filled in accordance with state and/or federal requirements.

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