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Restaurant Cyber Liability Insurance
Any restaurant that keeps electronic data and uses the internet as part of its business operations is exposed to risk that may not be covered under the standard commercial insurance policy. A Restaurant Cyber Liability Insurance policy will protect your company against loss to tangible property but not loss of data. Data management is an essential part of business today which includes, but isn't limited to, customer credit cards, employee health information, websites and marketing lists. 

Restaurant Cyber Liability Insurance
 coverage includes:
  • Security and privacy liability – including invasion of privacy rights, theft of data, transmission of computer virus
  • Multimedia liability – including defamation and slander, infringement of intellectual property
  • Costs to defend against regulatory action and resulting fines and penalties
  • Crisis management costs – including customer notification expenses, crediting monitoring services, public relations and advertising expenses
  • Data extortion coverage – covers extortion monies/additional expense
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