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Cyber Liability Insurance
Network security, identity theft, unsecured data... all of these threats create rapidly growing exposures for all types of human service providers. A single data breach can have costly, long-term implications that severely impact the future of any organization that stores sensitive, personally-identifiable information. With cyber attacks on the rise, your clients need a Cyber Liability Insurance product that can offer real protection. Irwin Siegel Agency has Cyber / Privacy Liability product options to address your clients' needs and unique exposures.
Package Coverage Includes:
  • Network, Security, and Privacy Liability
  • Ransomware
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Fraudulent Impersonation
  • Cyber Crime Coverage
  • Breach Notification Costs
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Public Relations
  • Regulatory Coverage - Fines & Penalties
  • Privacy Law Violations (HIPAA, HITECH)
  • Tech Errors & Omissions

Coverage includes claims for network security & privacy liability, notification costs, regulatory expense coverage, and more for organizations that rely on electronic data, as well as paper files, computers, and networks to manage and disseminate information. Our cyber liability products cover current or future applicable privacy law worldwide, claims related to identity theft resulting from unauthorized disclosure of private information and damages due to viruses and security breaches.
Cyber / Privacy Liability is especially important to Human and Social Service providers, however we write all types of organizations.
For more information about Cyber / Privacy Liability, give us a call today at 800.622.8272 or visit the program page of our website,

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    Program Administrator
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    All Available Markets
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    A and A+ rated
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