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Paratransit / Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.'s (ISA) Paratransit / Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program offers comprehensive package insurance and field-relevant risk management and loss control resources. As a leader in the field of Human Service Provider insurance programs, ISA has developed customized coverage for these transportation providers.
Package Coverage Includes:
  • Automobile Liability & Physical Damage
  • General Liability
  • Property
Enhancements & Supplements:
  • Abuse & Molestation
  • Umbrella
  • Med Defense / HIPAA Protector
  • Directors & Officers
  • Cyber & Privacy Liability
  • Blanket Additional Insured where required by written contract
  • No driver exclusions (drivers must meet underwriting guidelines)
What is Paratransit?:
Paratransit / Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a specialized program for people with disabilities who are not able to ride fixed-route public transportation. This may be due to an inability to:
  • Board, ride, or disembark independently from any readily accessible vehicle on the regular fixed-route system
  • Access existing accessible fixed-route transportation because that transportation is not available at the needed time on that route
  • Get to boarding/alighting locations of regular public transportation.

At their simplest, paratransit operators may utilize a taxi or small bus that will run along a more or less defined route and then stop to pick up or discharge passengers on request. At the other end of the spectrum - fully demand responsive transport - the most flexible paratransit systems offer on-demand call-up door-to-door service from any origin to any destination in a service area. Paratransit services are operated by public transit agencies, community groups or not-for-profit corporations, and for-profit private companies or operators.

Eligible Classes:
  • For-Profit & Non-Profit Paratransit Operators
  • Non-Profit Rural Transportation Providers
Submission Requirements:
  • Full set of ACORD applications
  • 5 years loss runs
  • Drivers list and MVRs
  • ISA Transit Application
For more information about Paratransit / Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, give us a call today at 800.622.8272 or visit the program page of our website,

U.S. States Available

  • U.S. States Available:
  • Provider Type:
    Program Administrator
  • Admitted:
    All Available States
  • Carriers:
  • Carrier Ratings:
    "A" by AM Best
  • Commission:
  • Min Premium:


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