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Vacant Property
3,6,9,12: Vacant Property Coverage is what we sell!

Want a quick & easy quote you can sell to your insured?  Contact Sovereign at
[email protected] with an application today!  We can send you an easy to fill out application to get you a lightning fast quote that gives the best coverage for your client. 

High limits? No problem!  We can write vacant buildings/partially vacant/vacant with renos/ course of completed operations and vacant land for up to 3 million occurrence/5 million aggregate 1-12 months. We love writing short term risks and can easily extend the policy and change the occupancy once the building becomes occupied.

For any additional questions or inquiries please call us at (800)843-0843 or email us at
[email protected].

The standard market can be very unpredictable but our customer service isn't!  Give us a try today!

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Licensed in New York, New Jersey & Massachusetts.
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