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Term Life Insurance WraPPlan®
WraPPlan® solves a basic employee need. Employer-provided Group Term Life normally stops at retirement.

WraPPlan® is designed to build maximum paid-up values so at age 65 the employee has a paid-up policy to replace the Term Life lost at retirement. Employers are receptive to WraPPlan® because:

  • It’s a voluntary plan; there’s no premium cost to the employer.
  • It relieves pressure for post-retirement benefits.
  • They enjoy easy administration with few, if any, problems.
  • They’re concerned that most employees will lose what is often their only Life Insurance at retirement.
Employees recognize their need for WraPPlan® because:
  • The concept is simple: "keep what you have, don’t lose it."
  • WraPPlan® is not only permanent*, but portable.
  • Current death benefits are minimized, so cost is relatively low.
  • Employee presentations often result in more than 50% participation.
  • The carrier, Transamerica Assurance Company, provides stability and credibility.
Brokers are enthused about WraPPlan® because:
  • A unique product minimizes competition, so it’s easier to sell.
  • HGIS can arrange for qualified enrollers with computerized systems.
  • Generous commissions are offered, especially for large cases.
  • Reasonable underwriting; 95% of enrollees often qualify immediately.
  • Annual premiums average more than $300 per employee.

WraPPlan® is a unique, proven program designed to meet a genuine need that employers and employees recognize. Enrollment is easy and broker involvement can be minimal, while administration is trouble-free. How does WraPPlan® work?

  • Employer provides Group Term Life.
  • Employee "Wraps" Universal Life coverage around Group Term Life. Employee pays the premium and purchases minimum insurance required by law for WraPPlan® to qualify as Life Insurance.

  • Employee doesn’t have to duplicate existing coverage.
  • Premiums build cash value to fund permanent coverage.
Level entry age premium:
  • Designed to pay for WraPPlan® coverage, which replaces Group Term after employee retires or leaves.

  • Based on employee’s current age, not his or her age at retirement or resignation/termination.

To enjoy the benefits of this outstanding program, call George Schmid at (949) 249-3834, or John Burkart at (949) 548-1629. WraPPlan® is marketed by HG Insurance Services (HGIS), a Heusinkveld Group company, created to assist insurance professionals in providing programs for their clients.

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