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Surplus Lines Tax Filing
Surplus Lines Tax Filing has never become easier! With our program we will tell you and your client exactly what they will need and when they will need it.

InsCipher has created an insurance software for the modern age. The Surplus Lines Tax online portal eliminates stress with our easy-to-use functionality for instant compliance error alerts; automated document uploads and tax calculations. Surplus lines tax processing has never been easier of more efficient.

With InsCipher, you will have fewer headaches and faster filing.

The online surplus lines portal automates state filings for you with the following:

• Step-by-Step submission guidance
• Automated Surplus Lines Tax Calculator
• Comprehensive Compliance Error Notifications
• Instant Document Upload & Downloads
• Guidelines for State Stamp Requirements
• 24/7 Access to Your Filing Information
• Surplus Lines Filing
• Licensing Management
• Surplus Lines Filing Services
• Risk Purchasing Group Management
• Program Management

Additional Services offered through InsCipher are:

• Risk Purchasing Group Management
• Agent Insurance Licensing Management
• Lloyd's of London Compliance Management
• Affinity & Group Program Development and Management

InsCipher cracks the code that complicates your agency's ability to carry out insurance programs efficiently. As the cipher that untangles each state's laws and regulations governing surplus lines, agent licensing, RPGs, and more, our technology provides your agency with the backroom support that allows you to focus your time and efforts on revenue-generating activities.

We understand that regulations for state stamps can be confusing and complicated, that’s why we provide clear instructions and templated outlines so your client will no longer need to play the guessing game.

Your client will no longer need to hunt down rules, documents, tax rates, fee restrictions, or state contacts. Your client will be able to access all of their filing information with just one click!

More information is available to you and your client with just a click and/or a call away. We are standing by for a personal demo today.

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