Business Protection Beyond Insurance

Business protection insurance is great, but let's be honest: insurance is a safety net. Business protection insurance protects the business as a whole by making it easier to recover from a loss, but it only helps you to recover, it won't stop bad things from happening, it's not magic, so you need to protect your business in ways other than simply taking out a robust policy. Here are a few points that can help you to reduce the chances that you will have to cash in your policy sooner than you'd like:

Make Safety a Priority

Whether you're running a construction site or an office, accidents can happen. It's a good idea to run regular safety checks, make sure your outlets and other utilities are working properly, ensure that you have first-aid kits on hand and that everyone knows where they are, keep a clean house, run fire drills, keep your exits clear, and don't overwork your employees.

Keep your Software Up to Date

It's common sense that you need to keep your computer systems secure with the right software, but you should also make sure to keep your operating systems and other software up to date, along with your security software. Outdated software tends to be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and you don't want a system crash costing you a week's worth of work.

Take Physical Security Into Account

No matter how hard you work to keep your computer system secure, it's not going to stop someone from throwing a brick through the window and stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Cyber security isn't the only kind of security that matters. Security guard services, better lighting or moving to a safer location when it's in the budget can all help to keep your business safe.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Have your server room cleaned every six months or so, do regular tune ups on your A/C units and company vehicles, make sure that things are running smoothly. A broken air conditioner probably isn't going to bankrupt your business, but it's going to cost you some money and it's going to be a hassle to repair or replace.

Prepare for Natural Disaster

Study up on how to protect your business from natural disaster at You may be covered against flood and fire, but wouldn't you rather not have to take several months out of doing business while you rebuild your offices from the ground up?
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