Car Hauler Insurance: Who Covers What?

So, here's the questions when it comes to car hauler insurance: Who's covered by what, and what's covered by whom?

Does the carrier's insurance cover the car being hauled or does the car owner's insurance cover it? If the car being hauled damages the carrier's vehicle, what then? What happens if the car being carried winds up getting stolen? Can the car's owner buy additional insurance through the hauler's policy? Here's what you need to know:

Hauled Cars Are At Greater Risk If There's No Professional Involved

Cars being hauled by RV's, for instance, tend to be, statistically, at a greater risk for being broken into and stolen. Why? Who knows. Maybe thieves think "Well these folks can drive their house, what do they need a car for?" In any event, the risk is lower when a professional is hauling a car. A professional is typically hauling several vehicles at a time, or at least pulling it with a tow truck, and thieves look at a tow truck and, perhaps, they assume that tow truck drivers are tough guys you don't want to tangle with. Insurance is important for professionals, but simply looking the part of a professional, in your appearance and your vehicle, goes a long way towards discouraging vandals and thieves.

The Hauler Covers Their Cargo

In terms of general liability and so on, while the car is in the hauler's care, it's their cargo, so it will be covered by their car carrier insurance. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, if something happens to a car while it's hooked to your truck, you're the one who's going to be covering it.

Auto Hauler Insurance Rates Vary Based On A Number Of Factors

Here are the key factors in your auto hauling insurance rates:

  • Your industry. Is auto-hauling all you do, or is that just part of the job?
  • How often, and how many cars you haul.
  • The physical location of your business.
  • Types of cars you're hauling. New cars, for instance, might bring a greater degree of liability. Scrap metal junkers aren't going to wind up costing your insurer much.
  • The number of drivers you have working for you, and their level of experience and driving records.
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