Cybersecurity Tips When Using Public Wi-Fi For Work

Public Wi-Fi helps you stay connected on the go. With this resource, you can check work email, video chat with clients or review inventory logs in a restaurant, hotel or airport. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi poses a security risk since anyone can see the activity you perform online. Implement several tips as you use public Wi-Fi properly and protect yourself and your company.

Avoid Phony Wi-Fi

Hackers operate man-in-the-middle attacks as they try to access your personal and business information. In this situation, you log into what looks like a legitimate Wi-Fi network, but it’s actually run by a hacker who can then follow every click you make. Solve this problem by verifying the Wi-Fi network’s name with the restaurant, hotel or airport owner or operator before you log on.

Access Only Secure Websites

Look at the website address bar for the page address that starts with an http or https. The “s” at the end indicates that the website is secure and encrypted. For this reason, only use web pages with https when you’re on public Wi-Fi.

Limit Public Wi-Fi Activity

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, and you may think that you’re not at risk if you log on for only a few minutes. However, remember that all the data you enter on your device while using public Wi-Fi could be compromised. Avoid accessing any site that requires you to enter a password or credit card. Examples include banking or financial websites, email and online shopping sites.

Disconnect from Public Wi-Fi

If you set your device to connect automatically to Wi-Fi, you increase your risk for a cybersecurity breach. Instead, turn off this feature. Then manually connect to Wi-Fi when you decide that it’s safe and secure to do so.

Utilize a VPN

For around $10 a month, you can purchase a virtual private network (VPN). It offers you an encrypted and secure connection as you surf the web. Consider using a VPN to protect yourself online, particularly when you access the internet from your smartphone.  

Use your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

As an alternative to public Wi-Fi, use your phone to access the internet. You still want to be careful about the websites you visit and the data you share, but this option increases your security.

Purchase Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

Despite your best efforts, your data, devices or accounts could be compromised as you use public Wi-Fi. Ensure you purchase adequate cybersecurity liability insurance. It won’t prevent a data loss or compromise, but it can protect your company’s assets if you suffer a breach.

Improve security as you travel away from the office when you follow these tips. They help you use public Wi-Fi in a safe manner as you work.
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