Helpful Tips To Follow As You Plan Your Halloween Office Party

Throwing a Halloween office party can build morale and teamwork. However, you want to make sure it’s fun for your employees. Here are some helpful tips to remember as you plan this year’s Halloween party.

Choose a Time

Consider the purpose of your party as you set a time for it. Held on a workday, the party gives everyone a mini break from work and encourages attendance. Assemble after work, and you may increase the fun but have fewer attendees. Both options are okay, so choose the right one for your company.

Notify Everyone in Advance

Even if you haven’t finalized all the party details, set and share the party date with employees at least one month in advance. Advance notice gives your team ample time to arrange work projects and prepare a costume.

Plan Fun Activities

Fill your party with interesting, engaging and fun activities. Some suggestions include:

  • Bob for apples.
  • Carve pumpkins.
  • Decorate seasonal cookies.
  • Collect food for a local charity.
  • Eat seasonal foods and beverages, such as pumpkin muffins or apple cider.
Offer Prizes

Plan to award prizes in several categories as you build excitement for the party. Categories can include most original costume, best department decorations or the most unique game idea.

Share Costume Guidelines

While costumes are part of the Halloween party fun, remind employees to follow company guidelines, especially for staff members who interact with customers. Depending on your company, these guidelines may limit gore and blood or scary costumes.

Encourage Teamwork

Consider asking departments to share in the party planning. Assign different departments to plan snacks, games and decorations. Delegating gives employees an opportunity to work together, encourages teamwork and ensures everyone has a stake in the party’s success.

Spot Talent

You may be surprised at what you learn about your staff as you observe them in a relaxed environment. Maybe one of your employees takes initiative to run the games while another designs a creative costume. Take this opportunity to spot untapped talent that might prompt beneficial changes for the company.

Respect Cultural Differences

In some cultures, Halloween has a negative or even satanic connotation. Rather than drop the party, include input from all perspectives as you plan your office party. Consider toning down the Halloween focus in favor of a fall theme, if necessary.

Include Families

Add to the fun when you invite employees to bring their family members to the party. They can dress up and participate in the games and festivities, too.

This year, plan a Halloween party for your office and improve morale and teamwork. These helpful tips allow you to plan a party everyone will enjoy.
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