How And Why To Celebrate International Fun At Work Day

International Fun At Work Day occurs on April 1. The celebration is important for you and your co-workers, and here’s how and why you should celebrate this day.

Why Celebrate International Fun At Work Day?

Encourage your co-workers to celebrate International Fun At Work Day because the celebration offers numerous benefits.
  • Laughter Improves Productivity

    Laughing reduces the stress hormone cortisol, relieves tension, and stimulates the part of your brain that’s responsible for learning, creativity and memory. You can also strengthen your immune system, cut your heart disease risk and relax muscle tension when you laugh. These features of fun help you work smarter, limit missed work days and increase productivity.
  • Laughter Improves Relationships

    You and your co-workers will bond as you laugh. Whether you watch funny cat videos during breaks or enjoy a fun activity together after work, your efforts to relax, have fun and laugh will enhance your teamwork.
  • Laughter Improves Employee Loyalty

    Bosses and managers with a sense of humor inspire loyalty among their staff. You and your co-workers will feel valued and satisfied when you can relax and have fun at work.
How to Celebrate International Have Fun At Work Day
  • Consider implementing one or more of these ideas as you have fun at work.
  • Toss a beach ball around the office.
  • Call a staff meeting and play card games.
  • Enjoy a ping-pong, donut eating, hula hoop, or charades competition.
  • Have puppies delivered to the office.
  • Set up a talent show.
  • Start a “joke of the day” habit.
  • Buy an “unbirthday” cake and celebrate with candles and a pinata.
  • Host a potluck or ice cream sundae bar, and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish or topping.
  • Wear jeans, formal wear, costumes, or funny sweaters to work.
  • Challenge departments to make funny YouTube videos.
  • Hire a DJ, magician or clown for an afternoon party.
  • Hand out silly awards for best costume, most likely to wear polka dots or most contagious laugh.
  • Set up Cornhole, volleyball and other outdoor games in the courtyard.
  • Create celebration stations with coloring books, chess, clay, and other games and activities.
  • Challenge employees to decorate their cubicles.
  • Volunteer as a company with a community charity.
  • Hand out balloons to every customer.
  • Designate a “fun committee" to plan more fun and light-hearted events throughout the year.
International Fun At Work Day provides you and your company with numerous benefits. Ask your boss if you can start this new and important tradition on April 1 this year.
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