How Small Business Owners Can Use Facebook Marketing In 2019

Facebook is one of several social media sites your small business can use to connect with customers and market your company. Start 2019 off right with these Facebook marketing tips.

Create and Update your Business Page

Even if you have a personal Facebook profile, you need a Facebook business page for your company. It gives your business credibility and helps customers find you.

On the page, include important details about your company. Add an About Us description, your contact information, website and e-commerce links, hours of operation, and upcoming events. Also, remember to update your information when necessary.

Rely on Organic Marketing

Your company could buy ads to reach more people. Organic marketing tools are more effective, though, at building an audience of people who are genuinely interested in your brand. That’s why your page should prioritize authentic content and relationships.

Focus on Relationships

You’ll maximize Facebook when you focus on building relationships with your audience. To do that, monitor your page and interact with visitors. Respond to comments, answer questions and messages, and thank customers.

Share Content Regularly

It’s tempting to post a few times then forget about your Facebook page. You need to post content regularly, though, to use this marketing tool effectively.

Post a Variety of Content

No matter what business you’re in, plan to post a variety of different types of content on your Facebook page. Examples include:

  • Photos and videos.
  • Links to your company’s blog posts.
  • How-to instructions.
  • Offsite links to valuable content.
  • Event invitations and information.
  • Company staff bios.
Be Engaging

Everything you share on your Facebook page should be interesting to your audience. After all, Facebook is a social platform that’s designed for your audience’s benefit, not yours, and more engagement means Facebook will share your content with even more viewers.  

Maximize engagement when you follow the 80/20 guideline. Out of 10 posts, at least eight posts will include fun, informative, interesting, and thoughtful content, and only two posts feature sales information. You can measure how much engagement your page receives when you analyze the number of likes, comments and shares your posts receive.

Ask Customers to Like your Facebook Page

Invite your customers to interact with your company on Facebook. Include your Facebook page link in emails, on your website and in blog posts. Remember that it’s always best to grow your page organically rather than pay for customers to “like” your business profile.

Update your Insurance

Your business owners insurance policy can protect your company against a variety of advertising liabilities. Update your policy as you prepare for success. 

Facebook gives your small business a way to engage with your customers. These Facebook marketing tips help you maximize your page.
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