How to Choose Cloud Storage for Your Small Business

Cloud storage lets you manage client data, project details and employee records. There are several options available to you, so consider this checklist as you choose one that's right for your small business.

Is it Secure?

You have an obligation to keep your client's information and employee data safe. File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a common way to transfer files, but consider Managed File Transfer instead. It's encrypted and allows you to share one or multiple files with specific users. Look for this option and other safety precautions that ensure your business's valuable information remains secure.

Does it Follow Compliance Regulations?

Several federal and industry standards regulate data storage. Be sure the cloud storage company you choose follows all the rules, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that specifically handles security of credit and debit card numbers. By using compliant storage, you lower your liability risk.

Is it Easy to Share?

Your small business operates successfully because your employees and customers can share data easily. The cloud storage provider you choose should give you the same flexibility. Look for a "Drag and Drop" option that doesn't' overload your email system or compromise safety.

Does it Transfer Files Fast?

Transferring large files can be challenging if your connection is slow. You can't keep your clients waiting, though. Your cloud storage should support fast file transfer, including files with videos, tables and large amounts of data.

Is it Compatible With Your Devices?

Certain cloud storage options don't work with certain devices. Check to see that your cloud storage option is compliant with your phones, computers and other devices. Also, make sure it will operate with the Mac, Windows, Android or another system you and your clients and employees use.

Does it Stay Turned On?

Power outages or a server shut down erases any data that's not saved. Protect your work with cloud storage that never turns off. Users can still access the data even if your internet or server is down temporarily.

Does it Improve Collaboration?

Whether your employees work in the office, at home or at the client's location, they need to collaborate. A quality cloud storage option lets different authorized users make notes and changes as needed.

Is it Affordable?

Some cloud storage options charge monthly fees, others charge annually, and there are some that offer free services up to a certain number of files. Research the costs before signing up for a service. Consider how much your business will expand, too, to ensure you have enough space to grow.

Managing your data is an important task for your small business. Carefully choose a cloud storage option as you manage your small business.
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