Insurance for Destination Weddings

Your wedding only happens once in a lifetime. Make it special when you tie the knot in an exotic destination. Whether you choose the beach, mountains or cathedral, understand what insurance coverage you need for your destination wedding.

Cancellation or Rearrangement

Despite all your planning, you can't always control every detail of your wedding event. Weather, travel delays or other unforeseen circumstances may affect your day. If you have to cancel or rearrange your wedding, insurance can cover any related costs.


Whether you arrive to your destination wedding via airplane, boat or car, travel is unpredictable. Insure your wedding travel and receive financial reimbursement if your wedding travel plans are disrupted.

Wedding Service Providers

A dozen or more wedding service providers, including the venue, florist, caterer, musicians and limo company, assist you in making your wedding one to remember. Because you schedule your wedding months in advance, there's always a chance that one of the vendors may go out of business before your special day. Purchase insurance that will cover any irrecoverable deposits and the costs of making alternative arrangements for other suppliers.

Flowers, Food, Cake and Other Details

Wedding details, including the flowers, food and cake, add to the ambiance of your special day. Unfortunately, accidents happen. If the cake falls on its way to the venue or someone gets sick on the shrimp, insurance will cover the related expenses. 

Photographer and Videographer

Recording your special day is essential. If your photographer or videographer doesn't show up or if the footage is compromised, insurance can reimburse you. It may also pay for the photos or video to be reshot.

Wedding Attire

You spend hours finding the perfect dress, and even though you protect it, it can be ruined, especially if you travel overseas with it. Insurance will cover the cost of your dress, tuxedos and other wedding attire if it's damaged and pay for you to rent new attire.


The rings you and your fiancé pick are special. Insuring them will give you peace of mind since you will get your money back if the rings are lost, damaged or stolen.  


At some destination weddings, guests give the bride and groom special honeymoon gifts, such as a spa treatment, sightseeing trip or other fun event. However, if your guests bring gifts and they are stolen, lost or damaged, insurance will reimburse you. 

As you plan your destination wedding, you make sure all the details are perfect. Insure your wedding, too, so that you can concentrate on planning and enjoying your special day no matter what happens. Discuss your wedding plans with your insurance agent as you buy the coverage you need.
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