Reputation Management Tips That Reduce Business Risk

Reputation means everything to your company. If your reputation is compromised by negative reviews, inappropriate staff actions or a lawsuit, you could lose customers, employees, suppliers, advertisers, and sponsors. Protect your business with these reputation management tips.

Promote your Brand

Your brand tells your customers, suppliers and advertisers what to expect when they work with you. Whether you’re a new or established business, create brand guidelines that outline the ideals that are important to you.

Then promote and build your brand’s positive reputation every day in person and online. Use your website, social media, press releases, and public relations to reinforce your brand values. Train your employees to exhibit these values at all times, too.

Monitor Search Results

When anyone mentions your company online, you should know about it. These mentions have the potential to build or tear down your reputation.

Always acknowledge positive mentions with a thank you. Then consistently post positive information about your company, including new product releases, awards and other community recognition.

Post frequent content to your blog, Instagram or other social media sites, too. Fresh, optimized content that adds value for readers supports your brand’s reputation as a leader in the industry and creates goodwill among the public.

Suppress Negative Content

No matter how hard you try, you won’t please everyone, and you may even receive negative reviews or hostile comments online. The way you respond can support or damage your reputation.

First, work consistently to build a positive online presence. It’s easier to handle negativity when the web is filled with great news about your company.

Never respond to negative comments with criticism, foul language or threats. Apologize and offer a solution or resolution instead.

If you truly messed up, take public responsibility. Reiterate your commitment to doing it right and then follow through as you build trust.

Finally, continue to focus on providing excellent service. Stay committed to serving customers and doing what your business does great.

Investigate and Remove False Information

If you find inaccurate information about your company online, you may ask the poster to remove the content. However, you may also need to seek legal counsel as you investigate and remove false information about your brand.

Handle a Reputation Crisis Appropriately

A negative tweet goes viral, a high-level employee commits a crime or your top selling product is defective. Handle these and other reputation crises immediately. In most cases, you’ll want to consult reputation management professionals who will offer helpful advice as you address the issue, prevent further damage and rebuild your brand.

Purchase Insurance

Reputation insurance can cover expenses related to managing your company's reputation. Discuss your specific business and needs with your agent today.
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