What is a Voluntary Legal Insurance Plan and Why You Need It

Many employers offer numerous benefits to employees. These benefits improve morale and productivity and allow employees to better plan their finances and futures. A typical benefits package may include health insurance and a retirement plan, however your employer could also offer voluntary benefits such as life insurance, dental and vision coverage and critical illness insurance.

Legal insurance is another voluntary benefit your employer may offer. It works like health insurance. You pay a premium from every paycheck and receive access to legal advice from a network of experienced and vetted attorneys. Understand this coverage as you decide if it's right for you.

Why You Need Voluntary Legal Insurance

If you've ever needed to contact a lawyer, you know how intimidating and expensive it can be. First, you have to find an attorney who specializes in your situation. Then you have to decide if you can afford the fees. The process takes time and can be scary as you face legal issues that threaten your financial security and peace of mind.

Voluntary legal insurance relieves the burden of finding an attorney and paying the fees. You save time since you have access to a network of local and national attorneys who specialize in your specific legal challenges. You also save money since you don't have to worry about paying for the consultation and services you need. This coverage helps you manage your legal costs and protects your security and peace.

What Does Voluntary Legal Insurance Cover?

Every legal insurance plan is different. In general, voluntary legal insurance covers advice and consultation services about a variety of personal legal matters, including:
  • Identity theft issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Debt issues
  • Elder care matters
  • Family law concerns
  • Domestic relations and other family related matters
  • Tenant matters
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Power of attorney establishment
  • Real estate matters
  • Traffic defense
  • Personal injury claims
  • Civil litigation/consumer transactions
  • Criminal matters
Depending on your coverage, you may also receive access to DIY legal documents, an online legal library and customer care center access. You could also receive a reduction in fees when you consult a network attorney about matters related to non-covered, non-excluded issues.

How Legal Insurance Works

To enroll in your employer's voluntary legal insurance plan, contact your Human Resources manager. When you're approved, you receive a detailed Schedule of Benefits, and payments are deducted from your paycheck. Your attorney will complete the claim form you submit to your Human Resources manager or insurance agent.

If your employer participates in a voluntary legal insurance plan, consider signing up for coverage. You'll gain practical assistance and guidance from a qualified attorney and receive peace of mind.
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