Are Overnight Guests Covered by Your Renters Insurance Policy?

Renters insurance covers your possessions if they're stolen, lost or damaged. It also gives you liability protection if you or someone else is injured while visiting you. You may wonder, though, if overnight guests who are not listed on your policy are covered by your renters insurance.

If Their Stuff is Stolen

Let's say you and your guest go out for the evening and come home to find that all the electronics in your apartment were stolen, including your guest's laptop. Would your guest be able to file a claim under your renters insurance policy?
Perhaps, depending on your coverage. When you purchased your policy, you included a value of all your possessions. If the value of the stolen items does not exceed your policy limit, then you can file a claim for all the stolen items, including your guest's laptop.

Next, see if your policy covers actual cash or replacement value. Actual cash value coverage reimburses you the amount of money you paid for the item when you first bought it. Replacement value coverage gives you enough money to buy a new item at today's cost. This policy detail determines whether or not your guest receives enough money to buy a new laptop.

Likewise, you have to prove what's missing. You're welcome to include your guest's laptop in your claim, but you'll need a physical description of the stolen item, including its serial number and value.

If They're Injured

When one of your guests fall down the steps, your renters insurance may pay for medical treatment. The same theory applies to guests who stay overnight. Check your policy for liability limits, but rest assured that injuries your guest suffers while staying with you could be covered by your renters insurance.

If They Do Damage

Suppose your guest becomes clumsy and accidently smashes your glass figurine collection. File an insurance claim to replace the items. Whether you damage your belongings or someone else does, your renters insurance will cover it.

When will your next overnight guest arrive? Update your renters insurance now to ensure you're ready for anything. 

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