Facts to Consider Before Serving Alcohol to Backyard Party Guests

Now that summer's here, you're ready to invite guests over to party. What responsibilities do you have, though, if you serve alcohol? Consider these facts.

You're Responsible

If one of your guests drinks and injures someone or causes an accident during or after the party, you could be responsible thanks to social host laws that vary between states. Understand your state's laws and be prepared to serve alcohol responsibly because your intoxicated guests' actions could become your liability.

Protect Your Assets

Your home, bank accounts and paychecks are at risk if you're found liable for an intoxicated guests' actions. Lawsuits could run into the millions of dollars, especially if someone is killed. Protect your assets when you:

*Stay sober

*Limit drinks

*Don't play drinking games

*Say no when someone's had enough

*Designate a driver to take guests home, call a taxi or let guests crash at your house until they're sober

Never Serve Alcohol to Minors

Every state and even municipalities within a state enforce different laws about serving alcohol to minors. However, you'll stay on the right side of the law if you don't serve alcohol to minors during your backyard parties or leave alcohol available during parties your kids might host when you're not home. Doing so could get you fined or jailed.

All Home Insurance Policies are not Created Equal

Home insurance policies can include social hosting liability that you'll need if you serve alcohol to party guests. Review your policy today and make sure it includes adequate social hosting liability coverage. If it doesn't, discuss your options with your agent or shop around for a policy that will protect you and your assets.

Backyard party season has arrived, but be careful when you serve alcohol. Know the facts so that you can protect yourself and your guests. Be sure to review your homeowners insurance policy, too, as you maximize your coverage and prepare to have a fun and safe summer. 

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