FBI Offers Tactics for Avoiding Online Scams

Last month, we looked at some of the less common strategies hackers and other online criminals use to gain access to business's accounts and steal data and personal information. In this month's issue, we're looking at some hacking prevention tips provided by the FBI:

* Make sure your computer system uses multiple layers of security to help would-be thwart attackers.
* Use the highest security settings on social sites and ideally, restrict access to social sites at work to only those who must use them, such as marketing personnel or managers.
* Make sure firewalls and anti-virus software are updated and enabled on all systems.
* Provide annual training in online security and educate employees about what company information they may and may not share.
* Make sure employees change passwords regularly and do not use former passwords.
* Monitor dataflow on your network at all times and respond to potential threats or risky employee behavior immediately.
* Implement a reporting system where employees can notify managers about potential threats or risks such as phishing or pharming.
* Review prior threats, risks and losses and develop and implement plans to avoid incidents in the future.
* Develop a robust BYOD policy and make sure to enforce it.
* Make sure your employees do not use work computers to access personal accounts or networking sites.

The Internet is an important tool for most companies today, from small companies to major corporations. In fact, for most companies, it's hard to imagine operating without some sort of online presence. While virtually any business activity can pose potential risks, smart businesses work hard to establish protocols to identify potential risks so they can be avoided and, if unavoidable, mitigated. Implement these strategies from the FBI to help decrease your risks when using the Internet in your business.


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