Five Ways to Support a Coworker Who's Going Through a Life Crisis

Moving, divorce, welcoming a new child, a major illness or the death of a loved one are all life crises that affect your coworkers from time to time. Support a hurting coworker in five beneficial ways.

1. Arrange regular meals.

During a crisis, most people forget to eat or are too busy or distracted to cook healthy and wholesome meals. Help out when you and your office mates take turns delivering meals to your coworker in crisis.

2. Provide flexible time off.

Distractions during a crisis prevent your coworker from doing the best job possible. He or she will benefit from flexible time off work. That could be a decrease in hours, the ability to work from home, weekend office hours or long lunch breaks that allow your coworker to make necessary phone calls or go to doctor appointments.

3. Set up a monetary fund.

Most people in crisis are too embarrassed to ask for financial help, but medical bills, moving expenses and other financial challenges may be present. Relieve some of the stress when you invite everyone in the office to donate to a monetary fund.

4. Plan a packing party.

When a coworker is moving, plan a day to help pack. Bring your muscles, a meal and extra boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Then, have fun making the packing process easier for your coworker.

5. Offer childcare.

Take your coworker's children to the park, movies or mall for a few hours. Your act of service provides your coworker and his or her family with a reprieve during their time of need.

A coworker in crisis needs your help, and you can reach out in five beneficial ways. Additionally, provide your coworker with a list of available resources like nearby therapists or medical specialists who accept your company's insurance plan. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

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