Is a Learning Management System Right for Your Company?

Among today's SMBs, one of the biggest trends in risk management and safety training and education is the deployment of a learning management system to handle not only the training activities themselves, but also to aid in assessment and recordkeeping. What's a learning management system, you ask? It's simply a software application or web-based program that can help businesses implement learning objectives and assess individual employees' progress, and it's becoming an essential tool for anyone involved in risk management and compliance activities.

Here are five of the top benefits offered by an LMS:

* Improved productivity: Since learning is accomplished primarily (or entirely) using an online system, businesses don't have to devote their own staff to teaching; plus, because learning can be done at different times, workers don't have to leave their duties during especially busy times.

* Improved reporting: Most LMS systems offer not only online reporting capabilities, but printable reports as well, making recordkeeping and audits a snap. Plus, supervisors can see an employee's progress with just the click of a button.

* Improved learning: Being able to learn at their own pace and on their on timeline makes it easier for employees to absorb information and get the help they need confidentially so they're more engaged in the learning process. Studies have shown that when students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace using a variety of materials, they learn faster and retain more information than they do when relegated to a traditional classroom setting.

* Lower costs: Rather than hiring outside teaching staff or sending workers to costly off-site seminars and workshops, learning can be done on site. Plus, having materials online means businesses don't have to shell out for books and other learning materials.

* Consistent results: Because everyone has access to the same learning materials and testing, businesses can feel confident every employee is on the same page when it comes to training and compliance activities.

If you've been considering an LMS, there are a lot to choose from. To learn how to find the best LMS for your needs, read our second article in this issue about questions to ask when choosing an LMS. 

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