1As insurance professionals, it's our responsibility to help you manage your job site safety and Workers Compensation programs. Here are eight ways that we can do the job:
  1. Help you assess liability exposures before you take on high-risk work.
  2. Stress the financial benefits of working with injured workers, medical providers, and Workers Comp adjusters to get employees back to full-time or modified work.
  3. Assist you in creating and maintaining a comprehensive safety and accident program, with specific penalties for violations and rewards for consistent safe working practices.
  4. Work with you, your safety consultant, and loss control specialists from your insurance carrier on a joint annual review of safety programs to see what is, and isn't, working.
  5. Review and reconcile annual loss runs and experience modifications with you and your Workers Comp adjuster. In case of any discrepancies, we'll ask the adjuster how he or she derived the numbers, especially the reserves (which should be based on worst case/best case scenarios of estimated claims costs). If these reserves are far higher than anticipated costs, we'll ask the adjuster, in writing, to reduce them.
  6. Help you close lingering Comp claims or modify their benefits by seeking an independent medical exam, nurse case management, and/or peer review.
  7. Advise you on implementing an effective modified duty program for claimants with minor injuries.
  8. Set up in-person or phone interviews with adjusters and create a joint action plan with them to deal with injured employees who will never return to work for you.

As always, we stand ready to offer our advice. Just give us a call.

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