Seven Strange Things Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover

You already know that your home insurance policy covers necessary repairs after storms and replaces stolen valuables. Did you know it also covers seven unique and strange things?

1. Spoiled Food

When the power goes out and ruins the food in your refrigerator or freezer, many home insurance policies reimburse you for up to $500.

2. Reward Money

After a robbery or burglary, most homeowners are eager to find the person who's responsible. If you do that, the person is convicted and you receive a reward, up to $1,500 of the reward money could be covered by your home insurance policy.

3. Volcano Eruptions

Your home insurance policy probably includes "open perils" coverage, which includes volcanic action. You're usually only covered for damage caused by volcanic lava or ash, but review your policy for specific details. Purchase a separate earthquake policy if you need protection from tremors or other volcanic eruption damage.

4. Falling Objects

Satellite debris, meteors and other space junk can fall from the sky and damage your home, property and belongings. Your "open peril" coverage pays to repair or replace your possessions because of this damage.

5. Tombstone Damage

Tombstones and grave markers pay tribute to your loved ones, and most home insurance policies cover cracks, graffiti and other headstone damage.

6. Clean Up Costs

Cleaning up an unattended death, suicide or murder takes a specialist. If one of these events occurs in your home, your insurance policy might cover the cost.

7. Liability Away From Home

Even when you're not home, you can be covered by the liability portion of your home insurance. For example, if you collide with another cyclist at the park, your homeowners insurance could cover his or her injuries.

Home insurance policies are indeed diverse, so be sure you invest in a policy today. Your insurance agent can explain more about how home insurance works, what it covers and how much coverage you need. Now's also a great time to update your policy to ensure it's adequate for your needs. It pays to be covered!

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