Top Five Workers Comp Injuries

In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 3,007,300 people were injured on the job. The majority of those injuries fit into five main categories. Understand the top five workers comp injuries you face as you protect yourself at work. 

1. Overexertion

Whether you lift heavy packages, pull large laundry carts or perform a repetitive motion all day, overexertion is a real threat. It caused over a quarter of all worker comp injuries in 2012 and cost companies $15.1 billion according to a 2014 Workplace Safety Index report. Protect yourself when you bend at the knees to lift, wear appropriate protective equipment, take frequent breaks and employ other appropriate techniques that protect you from overexertion.  

2. Falls, Slips and Trips 

Slippery floors, snow-covered sidewalks and loose carpeting all contribute to falls, slips and trips. Together, these injuries create the second highest cause of workplace injuries, and they cost companies $9.19 billion in 2012. Because these injuries that can occur in any place of business, wear sturdy shoes, watch where you're walking and avoid slippery spots as you prevent falls, slips and trips.

3. Being Struck by an Object 

Being struck by an object can occur when objects fall off a high warehouse shelf or projectiles fly around the lab. Proper stacking can prevent some of these injuries, but you'll also want to pay attention to your surroundings and consider wearing protective gear like a hard hat or steel toe boots. 

4. Falls to a Lower Level

This type of injury cost companies $5.12 billion in 2012. As you climb ladders, inspect roofs, walk up stairs or perform other duties from an elevated surface, protect yourself with a safety harness, sturdy shoes and caution.

5. Bodily Reaction

Sometimes, people slip or trip but use their body to prevent injuries. Unfortunately, this bodily reaction may cause injuries to knees, elbows, wrists and ankles. Take care as you walk and pay attention to your surroundings because these protective measures could prevent a painful and serious injury. 

Preventing workplace injuries is possible, but accidents do happen. Protect yourself with safety gear and attention to details. Also, make sure your employer offers workers comp insurance and understand what it covers as you stay safe on the job.  

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